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                                                North Kingstown  R.I. 02852

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            Western Boots
          Child & Adult Sizes
                   Tee Shirts


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    Skeeter Skidaddler(R) Bottles & Wet Wipes

                                                                  For more Info Click Here →    http://tremblingleaf.com

The Original Formula:
Sweet, spicy + a touch of Patchouli

for an earthy undertone.
2.7 fluid ounce $11.95

Wet wipes $.89 ea. 



Patchouli Free Formula
Sweet, spicy with more

Lemongrass high notes.
2.7 fluid ounces $11.95

Wet wipes $.89 ea. 



Furry Friend Friendly Formula:
No cedar wood or patchouli. 
2.7 fluid ounces $11.95

'Skeeter Skidaddler(R) 100% natural insect repellent

Sturdy aluminum bottle 80ml, 2.7 fl. oz. with spray top and cap, sized for air travel. Each bottle contains 75-100 applications, 300-400 hours of excellent protection. It lasts all season! The aroma is like a natural fragrance/cologne, not at all like other bug repellents.

 One bottle of 'Skeeter Skidaddler will last longer than 2-4 bottles of the other brands. Apply 'Skeeter Skidaddler more like a fine natural fragrance ... instead of coating yourself with the others!

 If the other products on the market need a bigger can or bottle it is because they fill them with a lot of water, alcohol or propellant, and less active ingredients (for that volume)! Some competing products have as little as 2% active ingredientsThat is why you need to use A LOT of their product, and USE IT OFTEN.

Get Directions To:
1121 Ten Rod Road
North Kingstown R.I. 02852