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Western Gear
Cordura Nylon Insulated Horn Bag

Insulated cordura horn bags with Double Pockets 
on one side and Two Water Bottles on the other side
 #248392           $16.95

Western Girths

Brown or Black Nylon Fleece Girth
Sizes ~24",26",28",30",32",34",36"

Draft Sizes ~  46",48"
Brown Fleece Girth Only

Nylon Tie Strap

  1.75" Wide and 6" Long
       Brown Or Black
      #44531      $8.95
Latigo Tie Strap
  Leather Strap 6' Long and 1.75" wide
           #175166          $19.95
Nylon Insulated Bottle Carrier 
with Pocket

Adjustable nylon strap with clip. Measures 10" deep with a 6" x 3.5" front pocket
#63728     $8.95

Nylon Off Billet

   1.75" wide and 18" Long
    Double Ply and Stitched
       #44513         $7.95
Wither strap
  Leather wither strap with 
       scissor snap end .
     #175585     $10.99
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