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Hunter ~ Jumper Bridles

Schooling Bridles ~ 
              $26.95 -$38.95     
                  Mini ~ Pony ~ Cob ~ Horse

English Bits

Dressage Bits

Western Bits
Dressage Bridles
Cadence              #1011-113 
Round Raised, Padded Flash Bridle (Missing Flash strap)
Rubber Grip Reins, Black & White
$180.00  ($359.95 New)
Horse size
Cliff-Barnsby     #112-181
Round Raised, Padded, Flash Bridle
Rubber Grip Reins, Black
$256.00 $165.00($379.95
     Reduced for quick sale
Horse size

Western Headstalls
Show Headstall   
Poco Pony &  Horse
Show Headstall with Reins

Black & Silver " New"

#5331P ~ $24.95

#5331H ~ $26.95

Paris Tack Bridles           #PT1406
Fancy Stitched Bridles with Laced Rein
Full, Cob & Pony
S/S Hardware
Chestnut & Havana
$69.95  ($79.00 on-line)


Matching Breastplates$59.95
Standing Martingales$33.95
Running Martingales$22.95

Large Selection
of Strap Goods

~Crown pieces
~Cheek pieces
~Replacement    flash straps
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